Sophie Couture is a brand founded by famous designer Gunel Babayeva. It is specializing in women’s evening dresses with unique and elegant designs that create flawless silhouette and enhance sense of femininity. Sophie Couture gowns are for modern women that are independent yet romantic, self-confident yet tender. Brand have designed the collections of dresses for most memorable occasions, both bridal and evening. There is a wide choice of elegant shapes to make sure each woman finds her perfect gown.

Collections of Sophie Couture combine original style and modern fashion trends, creative color palette and exquisite quality of fabric. Designer’s style determines the mood of each collection, but the magnetism of perfect lines is always the same. Sophie Couture makes special emphasis on the selection of textiles, sewing techniques, making delicate embroideries, beadwork and detailing in their garments. Every piece of the collection is handcrafted in the own atelier. As a result, each dress is a timeless masterpiece that helps any woman be in the spotlight. The designer is sure that gown by Sophie Couture should be not just beautiful, it should be amazing!
Twice a year Sophie Couture showcases its seasonal collections in Paris during Fashion Week. Each time brand opens new facets of perfect women wear as true embodiment of femininity emphasizing with luxurious textures.

Sophie Couture is well-known fashion brand that has longstanding relationships with many international retailers, customers and fashion media. It understands the needs and unspoken desires of women and uses own authentic style in creating distinguished dresses.