The birth of the brand is tightly intertwined with the name of its founder Yulia Yanina. It’s her that the fashion house owes its unique charm and peculiar mysterious atmosphere. Yulia’s powerful personality, creative genius, economic acumen and impeccable business reputation have strengthened the company so by now has evolved into one of the most powerful luxury brands in the world. By all the 20 years of its history Yanina Fashion house embodies the verses of a great Russian poet speaking that «all moves by love’s glow». Romantic love… since a happy family alliance formed the basis of the Fashion House two decades ago. Patriotic love… that has let the author’s native endless Volga horizons «grow through» her magic dresses.

To combine with the oomph of the ancient Russian capital, which has highly appreciated Yulia’s talent and her stirring intention to bring people joy and harmony. Love for couture metier and its true Masters… found, leagued and inspired by Yulia Yanina for sartorial feats. Love for beauty… impregnating every nook of the special world amply dreamed once by a little girl and implemented by her with persistence and faith rare people are capable of. Love for women… defying distance and obstacles, finding equal response in the hearts of discerning Hollywood beauties, European upper class and Russian clientele, loyal to Yanina House from the very first days of its existence. The Cannes Red Carpet, debutante and charity Balls or crucial business parley — apparel woven of affection and admiration are designed to emphasize irresistible beauty of the House adherents.